Quickbox Pricing

With QuickBox's Per Item Pricing you'll recieve the lowest price for storage because you only pay for the space you actually use. Whether you're storing just your closet or your entire home we've broken pricing down into four categories to help you save.

Spring Sale

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Small Items



per month

Boxes, tires, bags, or similarly sized objects

Medium Items



per month

Bikes, chairs, skis, luggage, or coffee tables

Large Items



per month

Desks, drawers, TV's, armchairs, or small couches

XL Items



per month

Dining tables, large bed frames, sectional couches

Minimum Term: Three Paid Months

Free pick up on orders over $50 per month. Delivery is equal to one month charge with $50 minimum. (Details in the FAQ)

Length of Stay and Volume Discounts

QuickBox doesn't require minimum contracts, but we do reward customers who store more items longer.

Volume Discount

Storing a lot of stuff? Perfect because with QuickBox the more you store the more you save. We instantly adjust your monthly rate based on how much you store. Even if you add more to your storage months later we'll cut your rates resulting in more savings to you!

Length of Stay Discount

Storing for more than a few months? QuickBox automatically reduces your monthly rate based on the length of your stay. So stay a month or stay many, we'll make sure you have the lowest rate possible!


Secure facility Save Time

Loading up your stuff, driving to a storage facility, stacking your items in a unit, and driving back takes a lot of time. Let us take care of everything - you have better things to do.

Secure facility Less Effort

Our team does all of the heavy lifting so you don't have to. We make sure your items are ready for transport, and make the move happen.

Secure facility Save Money

Since we charge by the item, you never have to pay for a half empty storage unit. Our service costs less than most self storage facilities while delivering far more service.

Secure facility Secure

Your items are stored in a secure, climate controlled facility, plus we provide insurance as an extra backup.

Secure facility On Demand

You can schedule pickups and deliveries around your schedule, and we'll show up as early as tomorrow. Your convenience is our priority.

Secure facility Professional

We're licensed, bonded and insured so you can rest easy knowing QuickBox will take care of it. Never worry about your stuff again.